Sunday, August 1, 2010

IMLP Race Report - (Video) - The Finish

As I approached the finish line I had a smile as wide as could be. My eyes darted around the crowd in hopes to see my family. I waved my hands in the air so the spectators would make some noise and then there they were...waving and cheering for family.

As I came to the line I slowed to a walk pointed to the sky and blew my mother a kiss just like I promised. At that point a guy approached me to place my finisher's medal around my neck. I then realized it was my brother Vince who had finished over an hour and twenty minutes before me. We hugged and I cried tears of happiness. It was a perfect ending to an amazing journey.

Here is the video of my finish:

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  1. I just cried AGAIN! I am so amazed by you and how strong you were. You are one awesome dude, and your mother is so proud of you.

  2. Hey Marty,

    Congratulations and well done. It was good to see you two out there. Fantastic job!

    -Joe O'Leary




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